General Tour Information


As parents ourselves, we believe safety of our student participants is our number one priority.  We take every precaution to ensure your child’s safety while on tour with us.  We also believe that it is important to fully prepare both the parents and students for an educational trip.  Our trips have an excellent student to faculty ratio (usually approximately one faculty member per eight to ten students).  We also provide a full-time tour escort from our company that stays with the group at all times, including traveling with the group.  This escort carries an international cell phone and can be reached day or night in case of emergency. Approximately one month before the trip, we typically host a parent meeting at your school to go over the final details of the trip.  Our presentation includes the sites the students will see.   We provide packets for the students which includes all flight and hotel information, emergency contact information, an hourly itinerary, maps, luggage tags and educational resources.

Illness on Tour

Illness does happen.  Most times, illness is not serious and, if required, we can arrange for a doctor visit for the student or adult is necessary.  However, on those occasions where a student may become seriously ill, we make arrangements for hospitalization and insure that the student is not alone until a parent or guardian can travel to care for the student.

Travel Insurance

A trip is a large investment.  We offer travel insurance through an independent provider, CSA Travel Protection.  While we do not require travel insurance for most tours, we highly recommend it.  You will receive travel insurance info in your welcome packet. You can sign up for insurance online at  If you sign up on line, enter the Producer Code 8259469.  Or you can call CSA Travel Protection at (800) 348-9505.  If you are traveling and need assistance, call the 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at:  In the U.S.  (877) 243-4135 or call collect World Wide (240) 330-1529.


In compliance with our privacy initiative, we kindly ask that you  please obtain a specific tour brochure from your group leader.  Alternatively, you may contact our office and we will provide you with one upon request.  Below are general forms available for download.

General Application (pdf)


Disciplinary Consent Form (pdf)


Domestic Drug and Alcohol Policy (pdf)


International Drug and Alcohol Policy (pdf)